Dear Roger,

As you know I have been a resident of Belgrave House since 1964 when this block had just completed and Grosvenor House was still under construction. In other words, I have had to deal with all past landlords and managing agents since 1864 in some way since day one. In the past (pre Bright Willis) some of us have had to refer dangerous problems to Citizens Advice Bureau, Local Council Authorities in order to be heard by the prevailing Managing Agents. Such problems cause in some older residents to suffer from nervous breakdowns as no one was listening to their problems.


In my recent problem of the garage, I did not know to whom to turn as there was no Insurance Company or landlord to turn to. Bright Willis and all your team listened and acted and helped relieve me of my stress and believe me without your help and support I would have ended up with a nervous breakdown. Every one of the team acted like one whole family and there to listen. Bright Willis is one of the few remaining institutions that is like a Family-operated company – these are far and few to find and sadly this is a dying luxury.

I trust that Bright Willis will be our Managing Agents for as long as I remain a leaseholder. With my grateful thanks to you and your entire team for all your help, caring and support in the past and especially my recent problem.

Grosvenor House 24th February 2014

I would like to express gratitude to you and your team for continuing to manage our estate with all of the issues it presents. It is for this reason and previous experience of other managing agent services that I would not hesitate to recommend you to other developments.

Kings and Queens Court September 2013

Bright Willis have managed Norfolk Court, Hagley Road, Birmingham since 2010. I have been an owner of a flat there and one of the directors of the residents’ management company, throughout this period up until selling my flat this month.

I have been very pleased with the service provided; emails are answered promptly, and always passed to the appropriate person. Works have been organised in a timely manner at reasonable cost, and the service charge budget has been an accurate assessment of actual costs. Norfolk Court has suffered from poor management for some years prior to Bright Willis being engaged, and there were a number of issues with the service charge arrears as well as significant problems with the building. These problems have been dealt with well, and a programme of works has been planned and begun.

A number of meetings on site have been organised, in fact above and beyond that initially contracted for, and some difficulties with particular personalities have been well managed. An insurance claim that arose following a break-in was also handled promptly, and appropriate works organised.

In particular, Roger Young, the managing director, has been very helpful, devoting a considerable amount of time to meetings and correspondence.

I would heartily recommend the services of Bright Willis to anyone seeking a property management service.

Norfolk Court 11th June 2013

Dear David

Thank you for the copy letter to BLP and for yours and Andy’s efforts in order to rectify the continuing building faults which continue to raise their heads. Your hard work is much appreciated.

Copperfields 9th November 2012


I just wanted to give you positive feedback on the resident meeting last night at Harborne Road. This was the first formal meeting we had in 2 years and Adam Davies chaired it. The meeting went well and he did an excellent job in gaining agreement to a number of issues which as you know isn’t easy given some of the personalities involved and the background issues. Adam has a nice manner and did a lot to restore our confidence that these issues will be progressed to a satisfactory conclusion. There are still a couple of thorny issues that need to be tackled (e.g. car parking) and I am sure we will get around to them eventually. I think Adam deserves a lot of credit for making a great start, and his effort should be positively recognised and rewarded. I am happy to discuss this further if you wish.

Harborne Road 6th November 2012

Thank You Shelly. The constant noise and flashing have stopped and the lights should be restored today. Very efficient.

Croftdown Court 30th July 2013


Many thanks for your assistance in providing the information to my independent Broker to quote on the building policy. He has reported that his underwriters cannot get below £70,000 so your own negotiations which have resulted in a premium of £50,000 is clearly superb value and can I congratulate you on achieving this.

  29th March 2012

Please convey to Andy that I for one have been pleased with his response whenever I have needed his help. With regard to the recent leak in my hall he attended within hours diagnosed and repaired the source (the balcony above) and I have not noticed any further leak. I am awaiting the repair of my hall ceiling when the insurance claim is agreed.

  26th September 2013

Dear Roger

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your instructions, hard work, perseverance, fortitude and attention to detail in dealing with this very difficult, complex and long-standing case. It has been a pleasure to work with you.

Eaton Ryan & Taylor Solicitors 22nd February 2012

Dear Roger

Thank you for your visit and written follow up further to visiting Heritage Court. Your correspondence is always prompt. Taking this opportunity, I’d like to mention how impressed I am as I have told you in person – by the service provided by you and the Bright Willis Team. At Heritage Court there have been multiple management companies prior to yours, as you know. You inherited a minefield which you organised very well under the circumstances. We are constantly informed. Within my portfolio of property I have experience property management services in Islington, Leamington, Kenilworth and Gloucestershire. None have impressed me but rather consistently disappointed and failed the leaseholders and residents. Generally the attitude has been dismissive, inaccurate and with limited or inappropriate property and financial management. Without regulations, it can be disconcerting as a leaseholder. You’ve restored my faith in the possibility that such a service can be delivered promptly, professionally and with due reliability and problem-solving. I’m delighted that the committee appointed Bright Willis. Thank you for your diligent approach.

Heritage Court 11th March 2013

Dear Roger

Thank you for your contribution to last night’s meeting and for the work you have done in progressing the transfer of the freehold to the Management Company which the residents will eventually control.

Following the formal meeting those present agreed that we should become a little more proactive particularly in relation to the development of the new Company’s Constitution. We look forward to receiving the examples you promised to send out and I agree to co-ordinate residents’ views and arrange an informal meeting before the scheduled Residents Meeting in April so that we have some positive inputs. I will keep you informed of progress. Kind regards and thanks again for your efforts.

Olton Court 24th January 2012

Great result Roger

Well done for all your efforts and perseverance on this. At times you must have felt like you were fighting both of us but all that counts in the end is the result and you have delivered success for us. Well done and thanks for all your efforts.

QCC 23rd January 2012

To whom it may concern

This company leased some premises at 517a Hagley Road, Birmingham, through the agency of Bright Willis Property Management. The period of tenure that this company has enjoyed at those premises has been 3 years.

In our dealings with Mr Young and his staff we have always been shown efficiency and cordiality, and it is a pleasure in this day and age to be able to write in these terms.

This company would not hesitate to provide suitable references, if and when required, for future dealings with Messers Bright Willis.

Roxburghe Finance Ltd 16th September 2013

Please give Roger my sincerest and heartfelt thanks for taking the time to respond and assist me so thoroughly in this matter.

Beyond the call of duty and I am incredibly grateful!!

Grice Court 12th March 2013


Just a quick email to congratulate you on your fantastic customer service!

You are the managing agent for an apartment block where my son lives in Kenilworth, and he has contacted you several times recently. Your service has been exemplary!

It is a refreshing change to see a management company that is organised and helpful. I own properties in to apartment blocks in Coventry both poorly managed. My son would certainly not have received your level of service if they had been managing this property

Kind Regards

Heritage Court 18th July 2013

Dear Mr Young

On a personal level, can I just thank you for the prompt attention and consideration you have given to this matter and the exemplary way in which you have dealt with Lord XXXXX. I am only sorry that you were treated in such an offensive manner, but I feel that the circumstances that Ms YYYY is dealing with are exceptionally difficult and emotionally draining, and that she really is at the end of her tether.

So just to say thank you again.

Kind Regards

Croftdown Court 26th August 2011

I have been a director of Lakeview for over 10 years and was chairman of the company for eight years. During this time Roger Young has been managing agent and company secretary. Lakeview is a development of 38 flats built about 20 years ago.

Roger Young the md of Bright Willis is efficient in all the tasks that are required by the job including the details of continuing repairs in the development, preparing detailed minutes of board meetings, giving advice on legal matters and chasing service charge arrears through the courts. He has a remarkably good memory for the minutes of individual leaseholders and tenants despite Lakeview being only one of the extensive portfolio of developments that are managed by him and his staff.

When he took on the management of Lakeview some years before I became a director, unpaid service charges were about £30,000, the insurance had not been paid and cheques drawn on the Lakeview accounts were bouncing. Roger young and I were instrumental in returning the Lakeview accounts into an annual surplus with a service charge that is competitive with those of other local developments.

I recommend both Roger Young and Bright Willis as managing agents/company secretary.

Lakeview March 2013

I feel compelled to commend the performance of Bright Willis this evening. I arrived home to find water on the floor and what appeared to be drips on the kitchen ceiling. I called Dave Truman at 6.10pm on his mobile and he arranged to send out Andy George who arrived at 6.40pm. By this time I had discovered it was a false alarm but I have to say that the speed and seriousness with which Bright Willis treated my call was impressive.

Credit where credit is due – this was just before the Kick-off if the England game so all in all a great performance

Kenilworth Court June 2014

I am just mailing to say how pleased I was with the service yesterday.

I called your office on Sunday and rang the emergency number, as there was water leaking through my ceiling, which was coming from the apartment above me. I spoke to Andy on the emergency number who sorted out the problem very efficiently and quickly and diagnosed it was coming from the dishwasher in the apartment above.

Thank you for a good service.

Arden Court July 2014

Firstly, a rather belated thank you for coming to our meeting last week and for all the advice and reassurance you were able to give us.

Secondly, a big personal thank you for the help you have given me and the way we have worked together during the past few months. I do appreciate it.

Have a very happy Christmas and enjoy the holiday.

Olton Court 19th December 2012

We have found Bright Wills to be very prompt, efficient and keep us informed of all matters without having to think to follow them up ourselves. We are so grateful of all your help and assistance and nothing is too much trouble even to the smallest of matters, this is what we like to see. The other residents are so pleased too so what more can we say.

Stanley Close 12th June 2013

I would like to say thank you for your immediate response to my phone calls last week. Having spoken to Elaine she immediately contacted the gardener and he was attending the gardens in Stanley close first thing on Friday morning.

The staff have also been extremely polite and always helpful every time I have contacted the company. I’d also like to thank the emergency response team Dave and Andy who dealt with the drainage problem immediately on Saturday morning. This is a horrible job but I am very grateful as it could have resulted in sewage flooding into my flat if left unattended. Having changed management companies to Bright Willis I can clearly see a difference in the level of customer care.

Thank you for doing a great job.

Stanley Close 19th April 2014

Thank you Amanda for a very helpful Meeting this morning. Good to meet you, our thanks to you and your colleagues for looking after us so well at Snowberry Gardens.

Snowberry Gardens 24th June 2014